Captivate publish preview issues

I’ve  been using Captivate 6  extensively in a corporate environment during the past 2 weeks and discovered an issue which I would like to share a fix for as there doesn’t seem to be one in any forums. If it doesn’t interest you… stop here!

Our issue was that we could not launch URL links from our published projects. The URL launched fine in ‘preview’ but not when published. Although many forums advised us to add the URL to Global Settings in Flash, I discovered that we needed to add the actual .swf file to the Global Settings and not the URL.

For starters, save the published file on the computer hard drive and not your network drive. This is IMPORTANT!

Perform the following steps to add the SWF file output file location as a trusted location in Flash security settings:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Select Edit Locations.
  3. Select Add Location.
  4. Under Trust This Location, enter the location of the folder that contains your published project (select the swf file)
  5. Click Confirm.

Voila! It works.


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