10 good reasons for using a Kindle vs iPad

I bet you thought the iPad was taking over the world! This blog is usually about eLearning and I’m diverting a little…  but it is useful knowledge for teachers and students alike. Considering Kindles are available for only $135 (Aus) from Amazon at the time this blog was posted, it makes it a good option for students and teachers alike.

I recently purchased a Kindle, after much research and decision making. For a Geeky woman who loves all things techy, buying an iPad has been a big temptation. After considering my justifications for purchasing an iPad, I re-evaluated (for now!) my needs. I already have a ‘mini laptop’ which get’s me on the net and I like the ‘real’ keypad which I can touch type on.

My heartache when traveling is that I NEED to take many many books in my luggage. The trouble with books is that they are HEAVY! I’m about to embark on a 580k ride across Europe where I have to carry all my luggage on my bicycle, so traveling with books in the pannier is not an option I would consider.

So here goes with my list of 10 reasons for preferring the Kindle…

  1. BATTERY LIFE: It requires no power to maintain a page of text, allowing you to read for up to a month on a single charge versus hours on a tablet or smart phone. This low power consumption also means that Kindle, unlike a laptop, never gets warm so you can comfortably read as long as you like.
  2. EASY ON THE EYES: The Kindle uses an electronic ink screen with a crisp, print-like text similar to what you see in a physical book. It does not create the same eyestrain as reading on traditional backlit LCD tablets or laptops. The likeness to real paper is quite stunning! Kindle’s screen reflects light like ordinary paper, eliminating the glare created by backlit LCD displays on tablets or smart phones. Kindle can be read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room. In fact, you need a light to read it in the dark, just like a book.
  3. FONT ENLARGEMENT: If you require a bigger font size it’s easy to adjust and E Ink screens have 100% aperture ratio. The blacks and whites on an E Ink screen are uniform and are enlarge nicely without losing quality, whereas LCDs have tiny black gaps between each pixel.
  4. DESIGN: Because of it’s size, it’s easy to hold, in fact easier and lighter than a paperback book! It weighs 241 grams and fits into one hand with page turning buttons on both sides. You can get a cover for your Kindle you can stand it up on a table and go ‘hands free’. It’s measures just 19cm x 12cm.
  5. INSURANCE: If you lose your Kindle, your books are stored safely online at Amazon.
  6. CAPACITY: It holds up to 3,500 books. If that isn’t enough for you, you can store them in the archives. You can even back up what page you are up to on your book!
  7. INTERACTION: You can take notes and share them with your friends with FB and Twitter integration. Oh yes… I forgot to say you can go online if you have wifi or purchase the 3G version.
  8. FREEBIES: There are 810,000 free books out of copyright you can download. Yes… free!
  9. LISTENING OPTION: With Text-to-Speech, Kindle can read English-language content out loud to you.
  10. LAST REASON: Because I said so;)

You would think I got a commission for this wouldn’t you? Well no, I just LOVE my Kindle and that’s that.



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4 responses to “10 good reasons for using a Kindle vs iPad

  1. Mary-Lou

    Jenny I couldn’t agree with you more! I trialled an iPad for two months last year and found it was terrible for reading (too heavy, too reflective and couldn’t be used outdoors). The apps are great but mostly just novelty value. I also then bought a Kindle and am loving it…and for $135! Even got one for my 72 yr old Dad for his birthday and he was adamant he wouldn’t like it but he won’t put it down!

    • Thanks Mary-Lou. It’s amazing how mature people can embrace technology. I am glad your Dad has found it useful. I think it is easier to manage (holding the pages open etc) for older folks than a book too.

  2. nice post. i like the last reason best 🙂 saw your blog via your twitter after u rt’d my recent tweet on elearning – thanks. i will consider buying a kindle due to ur post.

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