You can record professionally with a little effort!

Do you love the sound of your own voice?

Thanks to my Twitter friend @retrogrrl I discovered how to make a beaut audio recording box. Mine is somewhat different to her original concept in that:

A: I used a cardboard box which is covered with beautiful stretch burgundy velvet. This gives it a vaudeville look and definitely improves the sound (he he). You can also use a cubed box which can be purchased from Kmart… or somewhere. The beauty of these boxes is that they are more portable as they fold up nicely.

B: The acoustic foam from Clark Rubber cost me $130 which was way over my proposed budget. For this reason, I suggest you keep the size of the box as small as practical.

It is lined on all walls and I used an electric knife to cut it up, then glued it into it’s rightful spot. The sound produced is nice and crisp with very little background noise. Ultimately, however, it is best if you are also in a quiet room!

Finally, I added a Snowball microphone, which has a USB plug. I purchased mine off ebay!

You can look at another version on this link:

Ideas for podcasting: Link here

Now all you need is a song or information to podcast and away you go!
Here is a YouTube review of the microphone, which I managed to purchase from ebay. I have had no problems getting the microphone to work with Audacity or other recording programs.


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