Social networking etiquette

People manage to progress merrily through life, using seemingly archaic  tools such as ’email’ (good grief remember when that seemed innovative?) without understanding the etiquette involved.

With Web 2 tools being used in teaching and general communication, it is important for teachers to role model good ‘netiquette’ and also to familiarise their students with it as a standard practise.

It is not possible or necessary to cover all social networking areas. In fact, if you look at the Wikopedia list of social networking tools, you will understand why. The list is looonnnggg! I have found some good links to help understand the Web2 netiquette which can be used for any Web 2 tool…

  • Twitter etiquette: Like any social environment there is an inherent etiquette involved with using Twitter and a level of  behaviour expected of you if you’re to take part successfully.
  • Email etiquette: Dare I suggest… replying to emails is a good start?
  • MSN etiquette
  • Blog and Wiki etiquette: The 10 commandments of working with Blogs and Wikis.
  • Facebook etiquette: Every member of Facebook has a duty to be the best online citizen they can be. Here is a video clip with some tips…

Please add your own etiquette ideas and things that bug you, in the comments section. You go for it… you know you want to!

OR… take this poll:

Etiquette is important when communicating online(poll)



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2 responses to “Social networking etiquette

  1. You’re so right Jenny.. “netiquette” has always been important. It’s about understanding the local culture.. and knowing how the language works, isn’t it!

    Social networking tools create their own kind of interactive social culture.. and if people want to fit in, to be accepted and become a member of the community, they’ll need to know how the language works.. on many levels.

    i think an understanding of etiquette goes hand-in-hand with internet safety too. Cultural understanding is important stuff.

    kind regards, michael

    • jennywood

      So true Michael. I think across all cultures, that is something people forget. It isn’t about being ‘correct’ as much as ‘fitting into the culture’.
      Thanks for your comments;)

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