Do we deliver what we say we will?

Marketing and recruitment campaigns run hot in this competitive world. Do we deliver to our students what we say we will or are they left feeling disappointed with their expectations unfulfilled?

Just recently, I made a decision which seemed exciting at the time, but unfortunately things didn’t work out as I expected. It has got me thinking about how we can have expectations which are not always fulfilled. Sometimes these are our own high expectations and other times there is a ‘selling’ of the service, which influences our choice. Could this be the case sometimes with our students?

Years ago, a friend told me a joke, which seems relevant to this blog post, so I made a little animation video for you to enjoy:
It is often difficult for students to understand the implications of enrolling into an online course. They often get into it and discover it is ‘hell’. Maybe that is a bit over the top… but it may be ‘sold’ to them in an enticing way, only to discover it isn’t what they expected. Students may not have considered:

  1. If they are suited to online learning
  2. If they have the technology necessary
  3. If the course will suit their learning style

They may enrol and discover that the entire course is delivered as text. This can be very BORING and they might just as soon get out a good book and read it!

So walk your talk and avoid disgruntled students! Take a look at these top tips for making elearning interesting.

I would love to hear your comments so please share your thoughts!


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