Movie making with 3d animations

Here is a demonstration of a short (1 minute) movie I made with a free open source product.

If you would like to learn how to use it, we are running free PD online in Elluminate. Check out the calendar for the PD on

The product can be embedded into html (as seeen below) or shared via a link, on Facebook and many other options. It could be a great tool for developing an engaging ‘scenario’ for your e-learning course.

Enjoy this short demonstration. I apologise in advance for my strange sense of humour!



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9 responses to “Movie making with 3d animations

  1. Like it, and your humour fitted perfectly. More?

  2. jennywood

    @David Hopkins,
    Thanks for your reassurance that my sense of humour is ok! I may do some more, at your encouragement!

  3. ha ha, very po-mo. Characters referencing the artistic director.

    Sounds exciting Jenny. Give us a hint though, what’s the product? Are you deliberately keeping it secret?

    Regards, michael

  4. jane

    I love it, and I think has got great potential for the stuff I need to do for class. are the voices original or automated also? It’s a cute vid, I expect a big rubbish truck to come by and flatten them.

  5. jennywood

    @jane, Thats great Jane. I think the rubbish truck would have been very ‘Monty Python’ but probably just right for the scene!
    I hope you do find it useful. The voices are automated. No recording is needed (you just write the text).
    It is pretty good fun!

  6. I loved it, especially the bit about the dude missing his mummy!

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  9. jennywood

    @college essays,

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