Can you afford not to use Photopeach?

Here is a tool you can afford.

Try using Photopeach as a FREE, quick and easy interactive video tool. It is a perfect tool for giving students the capacity to comment and contribute to your video, or make their own and share it.

In just a few quick steps you have a nice product:

1. Upload photos

2. Swap them around to put them in order

3. Add some music (provided)


5. Add text to your slides

The exciting thing is that people can either comment on the slides OR at the finish of the Video. In the case of the latter, the comments appear at the end of the video in the credits. Comments can be deleted by the owner of the video if need be.

Here is my example (below). You will see there are comments at the very end.

There are various options for sharing the file, including the embeddable code I have used here…

Our trip to Egypt on PhotoPeach


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