Update on how my blog works

Here is an update, for newcomers, on how my blog works. You can also read my ‘about me‘ page for more information.

Why Did I Start My Blog?

It was originally created to enable the participants of the DipVET e-learning units, at Swinburne University TAFE, Victoria or just for anyone to keep abreast of some of the technologies that are now being used for educational purposes online.

I have realised there is a bigger and greater world out there reading my blog so it has expanded to reach a world wide audience. Fundamentally, however, it is used to help teachers (mostly in Adult learning environments) to learn about emerging technologies and tap into support and helpful information about e-learning.

The mission statement for this blog:

“To develop and cultivate the importance of sharing knowledge and dissemination of information, particularly, but not entirely, around e-learning.  To be achieved through weekly/bi-weekly blog posts based on emerging technology, reports on conferences and newly discovered learning material.”

How is it designed to be Used?

Anyone can, and is encouraged, to comment on posts or pages on this blog. You can use text, video or audio to make your comments. Providing I am not in the Sahara desert without any technology to save myself, I will always reply to your comments!

Take a look at old posts and information pages for useful and easy to understand tutorials and tips.

How Can Users Connect/Subscribe?

There are a number of ways of following the blog:

  • Bookmark it – many of our readers simply bookmark Swineblogger or set it as their homepage so that every time they log on they see the latest post
  • RSS Feed one of the most popular ways that people follow what goes up on the blog is via a ‘news feed’ or our ‘rss feed’. This technology lets you subscribe to this site and be notified of updates on a variety of tools such as Google’s ‘Reader’ tool, iGoogle, MyYahoo and many other news aggregators and feed readers. If you want to use these to subscribe to Swineblogger you’ll need to add this feed. More instructions here…
  • Daily Email Updates – if you don’t use RSS you can still get updates sent to you once a day by subscribing to our feed via email. You can do this by entering your email address on the top right corner of the page ‘Subscribe by email‘.
  • Social Bookmarking – The last way that people are using to keep track of the latest posts on the Swineblogger blog is via a variety of social bookmarking tools. You’ll notice at the bottom of every post on the blog that there’s a little button like the one below with the word ‘bookmark’ on it (this button isn’t on the front page of the blog – just individual posts). If you put your cursor over this button a little window opens up that allows you to bookmark the post on one of a variety of ‘bookmarking’ sites. Some of the more popular ones are Diigo, Delicious and StumbleUpon. In bookmarking our posts you have a way of finding them later when you need them but you also spread the news about Swineblogger a little and help it continue to grow.

Where Should You Start?

A starting point to read is the ‘The best of Swineblogger‘. This page has some of the most popular posts on it to get you on your way.


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