How to Teach with Blogs and Wikis

How do you learn best?

Learning is an active, social process. Using Blogs and Wikis for teaching is embracing the  concept that students don’t learn best passively, they learn best from using experiential and constructivist learning.

Above: Kolb‘s Learning Cycle

Using blogs and/or wikis for teaching is a great solution for encouraging reflection and collaboration with your learners.

If you are unsure of what they are or the difference between the two, take a look here:

What are Blogs and Wikis?

The argument for a wiki…..

Pewter Uppercase Letter W I K McElman_071126_2015 Thames Bankside S – London

A wiki encourages collaborative learning. It can be used to summarise small group discussions, giving greater value to small group interaction and building an online archive of student activities. They have the potential to build effective bridges between group discussion and individual learning, face-to-face and e-learning provision and to foster a deep engagement between students and their subject matter.

The argument for a blog…..

b L14 O G S

Simply put, reflection is the process of making sense of one’s experience. Reflection can be said to act as a hinge between practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge.

More about Blogs and wikis

Using Wikis in Education

Using blogs in education

Where to now?

Try following some of the instructions on our ‘23 things‘ project. This will help you to set up a blog.

If you are wanting to improve your blogging skills… try joining this project (based on a wiki):

31 days to a better blog

If you use a WordPress blog….

Instructions on how to set up a blog

Or an Edublogs blog….


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10 responses to “How to Teach with Blogs and Wikis

  1. Hi Jenny,

    I do wish that I had seen this about four moths ago as I started a unit called Online Training and education at unimelb.

    There is so much information on the internet to try to follow. I’m glad we have socil book marking to give us a hand.

    Well, it’s on to day 11 for another try. The Google Analytics did not work the first time that I tried it.

    REgards, Bill Oldham

  2. I enjoy reading your blog and I think this is a very informative post, Jenny. Thanks. As an adult learner, and novice blogger, I must say that I find the active, social and constructivist aspects of this way of learning very meaningful.

  3. alijoy

    Hi Jenny
    A great post. I use wikis and blogs with teachers and trainee teachers as a support network. On of the things that I have found is that wikis allow for a greater collaboration and discussion that is not just to ways (blog and reader) but in any and many directions. This means that I tend to use wikis for collaborative learning and support networks and blogs to stimulate discussions and share resources.
    How do you decide which to use when?
    Ps the link to the difference between blogs and wikis is broken.

    • alijoy

      Can’t spell two! Apologies.

    • jennywood

      Hi Alijoy,

      Thanks for your comment. It is good to hear from someone using them with teachers.

      I guess we need to choose according to the needs of our students and the program we are delivering but a good question.

      Thanks for mentioning the link… that kind of thing can go unnoticed and is very annoying!


  4. Wow great post, i never seen this much informative post anywhere before, your post, keywords, your font style everything is fabulous, i am sure you will get hundred of comments for your this post, i am really enjoying to write here.

  5. Helen

    Well done Jenny. I like that this post means you can get a snapshot or explore further quite easily.

    I have sent this to a team teacher as we are talking about a wiki for one of our first year subjects.

  6. Great article and it’s so helpful. But I just can’t see any picture in your blog. Is that my computer problem? But I can see other s’ blog pics.

    • jennywood

      Hi Christian, I am glad you found it helpful. The pictures are visible on 2 computers I have tested them on so that is odd! Perhaps try on another computer and see if that makes a difference. Then you will know!

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