Spring cleaning the blog

What I have learned this week about keeping a ‘better blog’, is that I need to make some big changes! You will see that I now have an RSS feed, took away the page headings and put my name on the blog, amongst other things. I have also made an attempt to explain the blog name to those who don’t work at Swinburne University, to which the blog was originally pitched.

I am going to run a Gunning Fog index on my posts from now on, to make sure that they are written in a reader friendly way. Already this post is rated as 9.5 on the Gunning fog index so I will attempt to adjust what I am writing now and get it down to at least a 9. I think I use too many exclamation marks to succeed in this!

As you can see, I have also linked to my previous post: Gunning Fog index. This is a requirement for todays ’31 days to a better blog’ project. I like that idea because some of my posts are hard to part with! Linking them up into my new ones means they can still be read and used.

Thank you so much to those who completed the survey. It was extremely useful and has given me lots of work to do on my blog to improve it!


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One response to “Spring cleaning the blog

  1. Think that removing the page links at the top definitely looks better.

    Not sure if I suggested it in the survey but I would recommend that you consider working through and adding categories and tags to your post. Then add the categories and tag widget to your sidebar. In the long term it does make it easier to find posts on your blog.

    My recipe for post writing is write the post – preview it to check it’s look visual. Any sentences or paragraphs that look too long are broken up or words are removed. Try and make the first sentence of each paragraph matter! And use heading (Heading 3 for Cutline works best) to break up paragraphs into sections.

    Where possible add an image that grabs attention. I always click on image and add 5 for both vertical and horizontal space to prevent text wrapping up next to image.

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