Running a reader audit on this blog

Day 2 of the ‘31 days to a better blog‘ requires me to get feedback on my blog. I have made a survey for this purpose which you will find on the following link:

Click Here to take my survey

There are no prizes for particpating, but the appreciation I feel abounds!! Watch this space for a summary of the feedback…….



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6 responses to “Running a reader audit on this blog

  1. Hi Jenny – I think it was an excellent idea of using Survey Monkey to ask your readers their thoughts. I’ve gone through and shared some of mine.

    Would you like me to ask on Twitter for more people to visit?

  2. jennywood

    Good idea Sue!
    Thanks for your support. It is much appreciated.

  3. Wow what a great idea to add a survey! I might do that partially through the challenge:)
    Glad you joined the challenge!

  4. Hi Jenny – I did your survey and checked out your blog as part of my first day in the 31 Day Challenge wiki. I have to say (and I did in the survey already!) that I like your banner image!It’s different from most others I’ve seen. I wondered about the title, but I always read the ‘about’ section of people’s blogs and found the answer there.

  5. Hi Jenny,
    I too am participating in the 31 day challenge. Just getting started and having a look around at who else is participating. I have to say, your survey was a fabulous idea. I have not heard of survey monkey and will now be checking it out. Good luck with the challenge and feel free to call on me if you need a fellow blogger to complete a task.

  6. jennywood

    Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for your comments. The survey monkey worked well, although I have to say that getting so many opinions can be a little confusing. I am trying to sift through it all and make head or (monkey!) tail of it.

    Good luck to you too!


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