Top tips for e-learning

boring_classWhile surfing the net recently (I just love surfing….. especially when there is no seaweed or sharks to get me) I found a very neat pdf document which identifies 10 top tips for taking the boredom out of e-learning by Naomi Waldron, Senior Instructional Designer, Workstar

Top 10 tips: How to ensure elearning is not eboring

It is a really useful document for planning your online learning environment.

Look here for more …….Tips for the juggling act



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7 responses to “Top tips for e-learning

  1. backyarrder

    That’s a good article,swineblggr, I’ll have to remember to print that! It applies well in designing. I wonder why workstar didn’t get any awards for 2 years? Have they run out of good ideas? They were going well there for a bit!

  2. Jenny Wood

    I think perhaps funding for the project finished. I am not sure really!

  3. freefalling1

    Good Top 10 tips – particularly like the Subject matter Experts one – now if only we could FIND and KEEP experts to teach at TAFE we could solve that one.

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  5. Helen

    Darn, would like to read the top 10 tips but the link be broken.

  6. jennywood

    @Helen, Thanks Helen. I have fixed it. It is great to have people like you on the ball!

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