Tips for the juggling act

Sometimes when we are facilitating an e-learning or blended learning program we can feel a bit like a frazzled juggler. Being a blended learning facilitator can mean being able to juggle many different roles.

Different forms of e-facilitation will be used for different circumstances. And as the responsibilities vary, so too do the voices and roles that we might wish to use.

At times we might need to be a social organiser – helping people feel comfortable with each other and with us, organizing ‘getting to know you’ activities and enabling social rather than ‘on topic’ conversations.

We might also need to be an administrator taking on organising, timetabling, co-ordinating tasks.

Other times will see us advising on technical issues as well as course administration.

Of course, we are used to taking on many of these functions in your normal teaching loads – this is just a different environment in which to do these things. And just as it is with face to face teaching, much of this takes place before we begin even thinking about the teaching and learning strategies we’ll be using online.

Some good tips for online facilitation

Happy juggling!


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