Swinburne iTunes U

Swinburne (Higher Ed) has recently pioneered the building of an i Tunes U site. One of 7 institutions in Australia. Last night Paul, Greg and I went to the roadshow in St Kilda Rd to check out the process for developing material for posting onto the site.

Once your institution builds its own iTunes U site, recordings (Audio, visual and even pdf) can be posted onto the site in all it’s glory, for the world to see.

Students can go to the site, locate the materials they want and download them into iTunes on their Mac or PC. Students can then access their class material through an RSS feed if they choose to do so.

This is a great way to deliver class material, but also to represent your learning institution to the world. Of course, this means casting the best content possible to the site. The worst thing to do is show yourself in a way that doesn’t represent or promote your learning institution in a good way!

Some of the options are to post: Lectopia recordings, Podcasts, Digital stories, Video and Powerpoint shows with recordings (using Camtasia or similar).

Take a look at what Higher Ed have currently posted. Hopefully TAFE will be following in their shoes soon so watch this space!


More info about iTunes U

iTunes_u user_guide


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