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Hi there and welcome to my eLearning website. Here you will find helpful tips for online learning design and development. If you’re looking for someone for a project, I’m able to support your organisation with my eLearning support business.

I specialise in providing strategic advice and educational leadership to teachers in the effective use of e-learning technologies and innovation in the flexible delivery of courses.

I have loads of experience providing eLearning solutions to corporate, educational and community organisations,and this has equipped me to support organisations who are seeking e-learning leadership, instructional design and development of an innovative and effective learning environment.

My specialties include: Instructional design, teacher support and training, disability and accessibility advice, learning management systems (LMS), eLearning resource development, blended learning, advice and strategies in the use of technology and other innovation in teaching. Incidentally, I’m also an artist and illustrator so I can help you with your graphic design needs as well!

You can read more about my experience on LinkedIn.

My artistic side can be seen on my other website: http://jennywoodart.com/


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